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Formation of Educators

Formation of Educators




Buenos Aires. Argentina

This educational project focuses on educating people to be able to function in a rapidly changing society, to learn to manage processes, based on a transcendent view of humanity and history, with solid values ​​and appropriate skills. It attempts to adapt the Educational Project to respond to the changes taking place in the socio-cultural arena and favor lifelong learning.


Malabo. Guinea

The Center is a space for teacher training and provides library services for youth and adults.

The main lines of teacher training are: Educational Innovation, Education for citizenship and cultural identity. It offers a library service every day of the week, morning and evening.




Santo Domingo. Dominican Republic

The Centro Cultural Poveda is an important reference at the national and international levels on teacher training for a critical citizenship and co-responsibility.

This is a center to promote training, quality education, reflection and research; a thrust for a critical and transformational pedagogy.

Education for Peace and Citizenship, intervention strategies to address the vulnerability of young people, training Teachers of Basic Education in Reading and Writing to promote the Improvement of Educational Quality, the equality between women and men in indigenous communities are, among others, some of its most important projects.