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He obtains a scholarship to study at the Seminary of Guadix, where he becomes aware the situation of the poor laborers living in the neighborhood of the Caves, in ignorance and destitution, and he feels the urge to contribute to their human and Christian growth.

He was ordained a priest in 1897 in Guadix. In 1901 he beings his educational and evangelizing work with cave-dwellers; he rented a cave to accompany and be closer to this population, who were denied of all sorts of resources and attention.

In 1902, aware of the importance of education, he builds and inaugurates the Sacred Heart Schools for children of the Caves. He implements the methods of Ave Maria Schools, founded by Fr. Manjón, and uses the most innovative teaching materials. Difficulties to understand this socio-educational activity forced him to leave Guadix and the Schools of the Caves in 1905.