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Serenity in difficult times (1936)

Letter to the young students of the Academy of Málaga, dated May 1936.

"May the Lord bless you and keep you, give you peace, fortitude, prudence, serenity and, above all, absolute trust in his providence. I am aware of everything you are writing and saying and of what they answer you. It is good that you are informed and that you hear the news, but do not be alarmed because we are at a time in which even the calmest lack the necessary serenity. In addition, there are many lies, exaggerations, and distortion of facts; and this not done with the intent to lie or alarm, but people have become infected and are victims of the nervousness that is all around. Rest in the loving arms of Jesus. He knows everything and loves us. Let us be faithful and live close to Jesus, let us walk led by the hand of our Mother and feel defended by the holy Patriarch who knew very well how to defend and lead the Holy Family ... "