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He moved to Covadonga (Asturias) as a Canon of the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Covadonga (the Santina). These are years of study and exchanges with many people about the importance of education and the need to help so that the separation of faith and science may not deepen. Aware of the responsibility of the State in education and of the role of teachers in the classroom, he stresses the importance of teachers to acquire and transmit an education inspired by Gospel values​.

He shares this concern by offering ideas and programs. Because of this he was seen as educationalist and educator of educators. In 1911 he opens a Pedagogical Academy for male teachers in Gijón and one for women studying at the Teachers College in Oviedo. This was the groundwork of other projects aimed at the promotion of women, whose impact on society had started to be noticed, and of the future Catholic Teresian Association.

He remained Covadonga until 1913.