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Centers and socio-cultural projects

Centers and socio-cultural projects



Campinas, São Paulo. Brasil

It is located in the center of the city of Campinas, São Paulo, Brazil. Its main objective is to promote a dialogue among faith-culture-justice through cultural activities, meetings and reflection on the political, social and religious reality, both nationally and internationally; also through social support for marginalized communities, and exchange with young residents of Poveda Cultural Center.



Chicago. United States

The purpose of the Poveda Educational Project is to provide Hispanic immigrant adults in the United States a more fully integrated life into the society, through the teaching English as a second language, preparation for the equivalent of the High School Diploma (G.E.D.) so that they may have access to College, and support on literacy and primary education.




Guadix, Granada. Spain

In accordance with the dream of young Poveda, the center focuses on: human advancement based on a transformational pedagogy with a Christian outlook.

Its goal is human, educational and social advancement along the lines of Pedro Poveda’s action in the early twentieth century in the same place. It promotes social and educational actions, integral formation of each person, social skills, social inclusion, active participation of the population, and their exercise of citizenship.


Linares, Jaén. Spain

Launched in October 1981, it aims at the creation and dissemination of culture and education in leisure time; in short, the advancement of men and women who live in this city in accordance to the concept of Christian humanism of the priest and saint from Linares, Pedro Poveda.




Nagoya. Japan

The POVEDA Center in Nagoya (Japan) is primarily a meeting place to promote thinking and a lifestyle in accordance with the doctrine of St. Pedro Poveda. The plurality of participants is noteworthy.

 Like the early Christians, they pray and celebrate their faith. There they also teach Spanish. 


Santo Domingo. DominicanRepublic

The Center, located in the town of Vega, has been designed along three areas of work: Socio-Cultural, Educational and Community studies. The project is the new challenge of responding to the needs of the communities it serves, in the manner of doing by Saint Pedro Poveda, with "head and heart in the present moment.".




Taipei. Taiwan

Poveda Center is open to welcome people from different walks of life, Christians and non-Christians alike. It is used to provide remedial classes for local students and foreigners who go to international schools. In its current location, Poveda Center is a place for a Book Study Club


Anand, Guajarat. India

The Poveda Cultural Center began operations in July 2014. Its motto is: Arts for Peace.


The main objective of this cultural center is to unite different communities to build bridges and provide a way for dialogue between cultures and religions through art. This is to promote respect, understanding, dialogue and exchange among the different religious and cultural traditions through the language of art. Children, youth and adults, especially women, are players and beneficiaries of the Center which seeks to fulfill its commitment to working for peace in the local and national context.